African Cosmos, Two Weeks Before Opening

We are in the midst of installing African Cosmos: Stellar Arts. This has included putting together the massive Rainbow Serpent by artist Romuald Hazoumè, who lives and works in Benin, hanging a monumental painting by Ethiopian-born, New York-based artist Julie Mehretu, and installing the 18-foot high mask carved by a Bwa artist from Burkina Faso.  As with every installation, there are the unanticipated snags…paintings hung too low that have to be rehung; objects brought in on loan that require the fabrication of a mount on site—but so far, things are going pretty well.  Check out some photos from the installation process!

NMAfA staff and contractors working on installation of artist Romuald Hazoumè’s monumental sculpture Rainbow Serpent.

The artist and staff, farther along in putting the piece together

Hanging Julie Mehretu’s major painting, Transcending: the New International. It is big!


Installing the very large Bwa serpent mask

NMAfA master mount maker Keith Conway conducting final examination of mount and placement of Bwa serpent mask.

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